Diane M. Miller C.T.E.
Timeless Loving

I teach a loving way of life with practices that cultivate intrinsic life energy. It is a way of realizing and living wholeness of being and fullness of life. It is both a practical and a passionate expression of spirituality - honoring the sacred in yourself and your beloved.

The focus of our time together is on Relationship Enhancement. We will use the more joyful and fun aspects of life to foster the full bloom of love and relationship.

If you wish to foster a positive, present, exciting adventure in loving for yourself and your partner, then this is for you!!

I invite you to join one of these experiential playshops with (clothes-on) demonstrations for enhancing:
sensuality and sexuality
joy and fun in relationships
deeper spiritual/sexual connection
personal development
love as spiritual teacher



In Fort Collins, Colorado unless otherwise noted:

The Alchemy of Loving - Couples

The Alchemy of Living From Passion - Women

Tantra for Men - Taught By a Woman

Intermediate Tantra - Individuals and Couples

For questions or to register for the playshops, email Di.

Try Personal Tantra Coaching Series tailor-made for specific individuals or couples. This series can be in-person or via phone. Email me for details.

Check out my thoughts on Tantra, loving and life on the Di Interview page.




Dakini Di (AKA Diane M. Miller) has been teaching the foundations of living in love, joy, conscious awareness and the powerful energy of free expression through meditation for more than 30 years. She is also an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (Advanced C.T.E.) from the Source School of Tantra, Hawaii.

Oh, ya. She teaches meditation and Tantra, is a Spiritual Catalyst, Tantra Coach, Web Master, Reiki practitioner, graphic artist, minister and in her SPARE TIME, wildly creates traditional and electronic art in Fort Collins, Colorado.